Which is the best traffic source to promote affiliate products?

Today’s question is from Carol who asked, “ What are the best traffic sources for promoting affiliate products?”

This is a bit hard to answer because there are so many variables to look into when promoting affiliate products.

I think most people struggle to promote affiliate products because platforms like Google and Facebook do not allow people to promote affiliate products.

This is because people who are promoting affiliate products make claims to grab the attention of the prospects.

Usually, platforms like Facebook and Youtube do not allow those claims. It’s a challenge for people to promote on platforms like Facebook and Google.

I recommend that you should not be afraid of not being able to promote your products on Facebook or Google, because there is always a way for you to promote your affiliate products.

But first, you have to focus on one traffic source, so that you don’t go spending all your time and effort on multiple traffic sources.

I recommend that you spend some time seeing which one you are more comfortable working with. For example, Facebook, Youtube, Bing or solo ads.

First, pick the traffic source you are comfortable working with.

Once you pick your desired traffic source, quickly go through the policies of that platform.

For example, if you picked Facebook as your platform, then go through Facebook’s policies and find out what is allowed and what isn’t.

For example, they won’t allow promoting an affiliate product. So rather than putting an affiliate link directly on the Facebook platform, you can go and build a custom page.

People like myself are using Clickfunnels, Leadpages or any WordPress site.

Go and create your own landing page and sales page. I recommend having a bridge page as well.

So when people land on the landing page, they then go to a bridge page and then to a sales page. They are custom built in Clickfunnels or Leadpages, so you’re not doing any affiliate links here.

You just go to GoDaddy, buy a domain name and put all these 3 pages on your domain, so that you are not using an affiliate link.

When people click on the order button on the sales page, you can send them to your affiliate order form. This is how it works.

Another option is that you can simply give a free report and then ask them to check their email. People can go to your affiliate link in the special report.

There are so many ways to promote your affiliate products. You only need to find the best way to promote them.

There is no reason why you can’t promote your affiliate products on a particular platform. You can go and promote on any platform, but you need to follow their rules and regulations. You need to find creative ways to promote on platforms like Facebook and Google.

I’m a Youtube guy and I also promote affiliate products and my own products as well. Here’s what I do, I make a video and I make sure it follows Youtube’s policies.

From there, I take them to the landing page which has no claims whatsoever. I offer them a free report and then on the thank you page, I send a free report to their email.

If it is my own product, there are no issues involved. But if it is an affiliate product, I send them to a customized sales page and from the sales page they go to the affiliate order form. This is what I do on Youtube.

When I started on Youtube, I got disapproved because I tried using affiliate links. Then I found a way how I can custom build these pages and start promoting affiliate products on Youtube.

So my advice is to pick one platform and focus on that platform until you see results. Don’t get distracted.

If you want to use Facebook, first make sure that you have Facebook working for your business.

Then move to a second traffic source. I see many people get distracted by seeing other people’s success on different platforms. They tend to jump from one platform to another.

Success is only achieved if you focus on one platform and if you are consistent in using that platform.

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