What are the biggest challenges you had when you started with online business?

Last week, I attended a 3-day event in which I was asked to be the speaker. After my speech, around fifteen people came up to me and asked me questions which were all quite similar.

“What are the biggest challenges you had when you started an Online business?”

“How much money did you invest in this business?”

“What are the secrets to this business?”

Let me tell you, there is no REAL SECRET in this business. It is all about investing in your education, conversing with other people and giving consistent effort from start to end.

These are the keys to be successful in this online business.

I came across this online business way back in 2012. At that time, I was working two full time jobs.

One was in a supermarket in the United Kingdom and the other one was in a restaurant. I felt my income was not enough and I needed to have a third source of income.

However, no one could give me a job because I didn’t have time. I only had an hour or two to spare in a day. That was when I decided to look online for ways to make money.

So, I searched on Youtube and found a number of videos that talked about affiliate marketing, MLM, and other business opportunities.

It got me interested, so I searched through the blog posts and went to their trainings. It gave me many ideas, however, I ended up doing a different thing.

This is something that I am not proud of but I need to share this experience with you. I got involved with online gambling and I thought it was the right system for me.

The information on the internet told me that I can make millions by using a certain betting system.

So, I played roulette for two months. I spent more or less a thousand pounds and got it back eventually. I didn’t lose any money, however, I also didn’t gain anything.

I came to a point that I realized this is more gambling and not exactly what I was looking for.

I started researching affiliate marketing, MLM and business opportunities.

I started investing in my education by learning how to make a website and developing the skills needed to make one. I learned about such things as autoresponders, wordpress and much more.

I spent about six months to one year learning about all this. However, the biggest mistake I made was not taking any action about the things I knew.

For two and a half years, I failed to get any customers for my business. That is when it hit me, I need to start producing rather than consuming.

I grabbed a business opportunity called high ticket affiliate marketing and I started promoting those products to other people who were also interested in making money online and creating their own business.

This became a turning point in my life. I was focused in marketing my product and I chose only one traffic source. I worked hard till my product generated sales.

Seven months after my first sale, I managed to quit my job to focus solely on promoting a single product. I also managed to invest more money and motivated myself to help in making the business grow.

I already crossed my million dollar mark and I am getting ready to cross my five million mark goal.

You can do this too! Just focus on one product, one opportunity and one traffic source to get your customers into your business. Let the cash keep flowing in!

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