My Office And Studio Setup Tour

I'm going to show you today what my office looks like and most importantly, I'm going to show you how I'm recording videos and things like that.  

just thought showing you my office and my setup how did I get all these videos.  

Let's go into my office.  

First, there is the entrance and a kind of a kitchen. 

Inside is my office where I work on my team. There, I have my own desk where I setup my computer. 

That is where I work every day on my business. 

When I'm on this desk, I always use an external monitor because it is much easier and comfortable to use 

Usually, I put two screens on so if it’s needed, I can use both monitors. It's much easier if you have a larger screen.  

In addition to that, there is a charging port on my desk to supply my computer’s battery 

In my deskyou’ll also see a picture frame of our God in Hindu. My mom always reminds me to put it in front of me. 

Now that you’ve got an idea what my office looks like, I'm going to show you next how we do the video setup in our studio. 

In the studio roomthere is a lot of lights and equipment that are already setup. 

It’s usually dark and cold here in Aberdeen, Scotland that we always use two lights. 

But there are also times that it’s sunny outside. During days like these, we use the natural lights coming from the sun when shooting videos instead of the studio lightings. 

In case you don’t know, the purpose of the two lights is to cover the green screenIdeally, you should have two lights in two different angles and an overhead light to cover the green screen 

But since we have a light lamp on the topthe two lights are enough to serve that purpose 

We also use the lightings to conceal the shadows and keep them away from showing up in the video. 

Another important thing you should include when shooting a video is the green screen. If you’re not familiar with it, simply think about it as a frame where you put and edit the background in your video.  

It can be on the ocean or anywhere it can be. That is the best part of using a green screen. 

Personally, I use a green screen most of the time to keep a plain white or gray background so I stand out when I am recording an event. This way, I have my audiences’ full attention. 

And last important thing you should take note when creating videos is you should not worry about making mistakes. Just shoot and record the video. 

You can always cut the clips where you screwed up and polish it later during the editing process. Let me give you an example so you get an idea on how it is done.  

Let’s say I record a sample sales video and my lines go like this: 

Hey Venkata here! Thank you so much for checking out this page. 

I know you have seen an ad on YouTube and you clicked the link and then you obtained and you are on my leash that's why you are watching this video 

Soin the next few minutesmyself and my business partnerwe are going to show you a systemized process how we can start an online business in the next 30 to 90 days. 

We spend a lot of money and most importantly like myself you, I had like three years of experience and my partner he got about ten years of experience in this internet business. 

This video is going to help you to understand the pieces you need to put together to start an online business 

You can see you can scroll on this page and you can see all the testimonialsall the case studies of people. How they started this online business and how they achieved success. 

It's all about what you want to achieve in your life! 

It's about your goal 

As you can see, I screwed up there so I'm going to chop it up and cut it off here. And then I'm going to continue where I left offYou don’t need to rerecord the entire thing all over the thing. Just the clips where you messed up to save time. 

Whenever I get a clip wrongI’ll repeat that part then the video editor will put it together. 

Going back to our example, here’s how I continued the part where I left off: 

Take off all the distractions and turn off your mobileFacebook all those social media things and in the next 30 to 60 minutes watch the video. And look on this page and most importantly take action. 

I look forward to see you inside and enjoy the presentation. Thank you so. 

I messed up once again since I said thank you. I wasn’t supposed to say thank you in that clip. 

That being said, I'm going to record thapart again. 

I look forward to see you insideenjoy the presentation. 

Finally, we’ve gotten it done right. It’s time for my video editor to put it together. Now, let’s see what the polished version looks like: 

Hey Venkata herethank you so much for checking out this page I know you (have) seen an Ad on YouTube and you clicked the link and you obtain membership.  

That is why you are watching this video. 

In the next few minutes, myself and my business partnerwe are going to show you a systemized process how we can start an online business in the next 30 to 90 days.  

We spent a lot of money and most importantly myself you know I had like three years of experience and my partner he got about ten years of experience in this internet business. 

This video is goanna help you to understand the pieces you need to put together to start an online business. 

You can scroll on this page and yocan see all the testimonials all the case studies of people and how they started this online business.  

How they achieved successit's all about what you want to achieve in your life. 

It's about your goal 

Take off all the distractions and turn off your mobileFacebook all those social media things and invest your time the next 60 minutes to watch the video. 

To look on this page and most importantly take action. 

I look forward to see you inside and enjoy the presentation. 

We’ve just finished a polished version of the video. Can you see how simple it is to edit the mistakes and put the pieces together as you go along? 

When you are recording a video, don't worry if you’re making mistakes from time to time 

Go through the sentence. And if you made a mistake, pause it and repeat that part until you get it right 

You can always make all the necessary changes when you’re editing the video. 

Well, that’s it. I hope this blog helped you in any way – whether on how to setup your office or how to create videos 

One more thing before I wrap up and that is, plan your videos ahead of time before doing the actual shooting. It will save a lot of your time, I promise.  

Personally, I’m recording a lot of videos every SaturdayBut before that we plan during weekdays on what sort of videos we need to create and we record all the videos during the weekends. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to see my office and my studio. 

If you have any questions you can always go to and post your questions. I'm more than happy to answer them in the upcoming episodes 

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