Listen to your market. It’s what successful people do

How do you feel when a family member, friend, or officemate criticized your work or your decisions in life? 

Happy? Satisfied? Annoyed? Irritated? 

For most people, they’ll usually take it negatively and feel that other people are attacking them personally when in fact, some are just simple comments. 

I don’t blame them though because it’s normal for humans to be defensive when attacked.  

It’s just our instincts that tell us to protect our ideas and principles and prove other people wrong. 

And your market is no different. It’s because of the obvious reason that your market is also human beings. 

They have dreams and milestones they want to achieve in their lives. 

They have materialistic and personal desires they want to own and buy. 

They have fears and doubts about anything they don’t completely trust. 

They have visions for their beloved, children, and family’s future.  

Most of all, they have their own minds, opinions, ideas, beliefs, and principles about everything. 

And this is what most people, especially those who are just starting out, tend to forget when talking to their audiences. 

Startups and some medium companies think that complaints are just coming from haters or competitors. So they just ignore them. 

But that is simply not true. In fact, the words coming from their market are gold mines. (I’ll explain that in a while.) 

Another thing is, as much as I hate to say this, some of them even just treat their customers as numbers.  

They won’t respond to your messages or reply to your comments on their social media pages if you try to contact them.  

Trust me. It happens in the real world which is sad to know and I’ve experienced it tons of times already.  

These business owners will just see you as another data in their tracking sheets.  

As an entrepreneur, you should avoid doing the same routine at all costs. 

What you should be doing instead is listen to every word coming from your market.  

I told you earlier that your market’s feedback, comments, and complaints are gold mines. And I really mean it. 

By just looking at what your audiences say, you can get a lot of information about your industry without any guesswork. Because it’s their words in the first place. 

Check forums, blog posts, and articles in your target market and you’ll see the problems they want to solve as soon as possible. 

You can even check the comments on your competitors’ page in your industry as long as you have the same target market. 

Some of the common phrases you’ll see sound like these... 

“I want to buy this product but not at this price point.” 

“Is there any refund for your product or service?” 

“This product helped me finish things faster and easier.” 

With all this information in your hands, you can see what your target market likes and hates. 

This allows you to create products or services that cater to your audiences’ needs and wants. 

So if you want to earn that trust from your target market and build a long-lasting relationship with them… 

Don’t ignore your market’s words. Listen to their feedback, comments, and complaints. 

Help them improve their current situation and make their lives easier. If you do this consistently, I promise you that they’ll happily give you their money.

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