How you manage your workload?

A guy who works here in the office named Sid, asked me a question regarding how I manage my workload, despite all the things that I have to do.

Some of you might also have the same question about how to deal with your workload.

This is a disclaimer though, how I manage my time may not be applicable to all, as every person is different.

So my day usually starts at half past four every morning, regardless of what time I go to bed even on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are times when my body feels tired. This is when I set my alarm to 6:00 AM, so I can get more sleep.

When I get up in the morning, I go to the other room and open my laptop, check my emails for messages and plan for my day.

Then I take a shower and go to the office at 9:00AM. Other people go to the office at 10:00AM, but I prefer to come an hour early.

When I get into my office, the first thing I do is write my email. This usually takes 30-45 minutes.

After I’m done writing my email, I send it to my editor to edit the email. If she is not available, I do it myself.

Once I am done with my email, I do other productive work which takes about two hours.

After 1PM, I usually spend more time on operations which includes talking to the team members to plan about new things for the company and working on new sales funnels.

I also talk to clients. I do these things until five or six in the evening, then head home.

Once I get home, I refresh myself first. After that, I will work on a three hour block which sometimes goes up to five hours depending on the work that I have to do.

I usually spend two hours on the business. The rest of the time, I spend on learning more about a software business. I actually started a software business. I have to learn myself how to do it.

This is what I normally do on a daily basis. It’s not always consistent but this is the average day for me.

I don’t usually have time to go out or do anything else as I’m focused on taking this business to the next level and building multiple businesses.

Weekends are usually my most productive days as most of the staff thinks that they should not disturb me. So I spend my weekends developing my skills.

For example, I want to learn display planner. So, I spend Saturday and Sunday learning about display planner, how to use retargeting and how to brand.

Those are the things I learn. Whatever I learn on the weekends, I normally apply to my work during the week.

That is how I usually spend my day and I hope it can help you in managing your workload.

If you have any questions, you can go to and post them. I will answer them on the next upcoming episode. See you soon!

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