How To Promote Affiliate Products

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Today's question is from Seibel 

How do I get customers for my affiliate product?" 

Basically, he's asking how can he promote his affiliate productI actually shed ideas about this question in the previous episodesBut still, I'm going to answer this today in a more specific and detailed way. 

If you are an affiliate marketerthe first thing you need to look into is to find a niche because there are lot of them on the InternetAnd with that, I’m not saying that you pick just anything. Choose a niche you're going to invest your time to learn and to promote affiliate products. 

To give you a better understanding what niche is, it is simply a group of people who have a problem on a particular thing. Maybe people who want to lose weight, or more specifically, people who want to reduce belly fat. or more specifically, people who want to reduce belly fat. 

Say for example, myself. In the last 3 months, I was working on my belly fat making me a good audience to sell any products that can reduce my belly fat.  

That being said, you need to focus on a niche where people are looking to lose weight. Then you can go and find affiliate products that suit this particular niche. 

Before anything else, you also need to make sure that you can sell products to that niche because most of the time, people won’t buy your offer immediately. 

These people are not desperate to solve their problemsIdeally, you would want to find a niche that is actually looking for a way to solve their problems before you start promoting affiliate products. 

Another example is my niche which is internet marketing. I'm into people who are interested to learn how to start an online business and how to work from home 

A big percentage of this market want to learn how to make money on the internet and how to work from home using their laptopWith that in mind, I create products and services that suit my audiences’ needs. 

On top of thatalso promote affiliate products that can help people learn digital marketing methods. 

Once you find and decide what is your niche, the next step is you need to find good products that has a good margin rate. You don't go and start promoting products on Amazonthey pay you very less percentage. 

Make sure that whenever you are choosing a product, they have a friendly offer and upsells as well so you can make a healthier commission. That way, you can spend more money on traffic. 

For example, say you are promoting to peoplwho want to lose weight, you need to have a product for like $49 or $97. The vendor who created the product must also have a back-end product and is willing to pay you the commission from it. 

You need to make sure that they do that. They have $97 front end in the back end I mean they 

might have $297 or $497. If you make like 50% Commission on both products, that’s a really good amount of money on your end. 

That's about like nearly another $200, for every sale you make an average of like $120. Because not all people are going to buy the back-end product. Now you know that it is okay if I spend less than $120 to promote this affiliate product, you'll be breakeven. All you have to do is focus on reducing your cost per acquisition less than $120 

If you can get a customer for $50 then you are into $70 profit. And to bring in more customers into your affiliate productsyou now know which one to choose and what is the right way to choose the affiliate product. 

Now the question is how you can bring customers to your affiliate products.  

Working on paid traffic can do the wonders. I can't stress enough how important it is to get your hands on paid traffic. 

I know free traffic works very well as well but if you want to scale over your affiliate business you also need to leverage paid traffic. I highly recommend YouTube and Facebook for these are the two major platforms where you can get unlimited amounts of traffic. 

I would recommend you go and find a course teaching how to drive traffic on Facebook and YouTube.

I, myself, have a course where you can master the skill of generating traffic on YouTube or on FacebookYou can check it on my website. 

Once you master this skill, it would be very easy for you to bring in customers, regardless of what product you want to promote 

The other thing is a lot of people struggle to learn a skillsay you learn YouTube marketing and you know the skill of generating traffic from YouTube. But that is not enough to convert traffic into sales. To do that, there must be a process in between. 

There is the work on the funnelsthe landing pagethe sales page and the order form. You need to work on the funnel so that traffic converts to a high percentage – giving you more money. 

For the amount of money you are spending, you need to work on building your own funnel 

Most of the people I see is they give landing pagethey give sales page and they give all the information. 

They go and use the same thing and they start promoting it. It will work but the thing is everyone is using the same stuff Eventually, your market will grow tired of this because no one stands out. 

And that is the point. If you want to convert more, you need to stand out from your competition. 

People buy because of you not because of you know a lot just like a lot of affiliates out there. 

You can do this by using a platform like ClickFunnelsLeadPages, or if you are on tight budget, you can simply use WordPress. 

I recommend a thrive themes so you can build the funnelslanding pages, and sales pages. Use the information the affiliate the vendor provides you and add your personality into the landing page up the sales page. When people see your ad, they will know it’s you – making you stand out from your competition. 

When they come to the landing page to check you, there must be information everywhere and then you offer something related that is beneficial for them. 

Say if you're promoting to people who want to lose weight, go and do some research and build a small 3-page PDF for showing them the what they need to be doing in the next 30 days with their diet to reduce their belly fat. 

People who are interested will take the PDF. From there, you can offer them in the backend the affiliate product. Make sure you have full control in the sales page so you can add your story and tweak things around when needed. 

You can put some extra bonuses to increase conversion rates. And most importantlyonce they opt-in bill, you can have their name and email address and send valuable information through the email follow-up.  

When you have hundred people coming into a landing page out of hundred, I would say about 30 to 40 people will opt-in. And out of those, there's a big chance one person will buy straight away from your sales page.  

They are going to be in your autoresponder. There, you can send them emails on a regular basis to nurture them by providing value. Do this consistently and you will eventually get them to buy your product. This way, you are going to make a lot of money because you already know what's their problem and you can offer multiple affiliate products or your own products. 

Those are the things you need to take in mind when promoting your affiliate products.  

Before I wrap things up, let’s summarize the entire thing to make sure you understand what we’ve just tackled. 

Master one traffic skill and make sure, you take all the information that the vendor is going to give you and create your own version with your brand and put your personality into it and then start driving traffic. 

You will see conversions to a better level than before doing this. 

If you want to generate more traffic, I recommend you leverage paid traffic on Facebook or YouTube. 

Have your own version of the funnel to maximise results and make sure you follow up through the autoresponder regularly. Be consistent on driving traffic and on email follow-up as well. 

I hope this helped you understand a lot of things on how to promote affiliate productsI know it's a lot of work but once you've done setting up your campaignsales funnel, and email autoresponder, all will be automated and much easier. 

You can set up your campaign, travel for a week to a different place, and the people coming in will get the emails from you. 

You can take a two-week vacation without doing anything but you are still making money in the backend 

If you have any questions, you can always go to and you can simply post your questions. I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the next episodes.  

See you! 

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