How do you plan your webinars?

Hey guys! Today’s question is from John from Chicago. This is actually perfect timing because I am doing a webinar tonight and the question is “How do you plan your webinars?”

Personally, I don’t plan for webinars for weeks. All I do, is plan for the webinar instantly. For example, the one that I am doing today is something I thought up during my flight from Paris.

I had a four hour delay. So, as I sat at the airport gate waiting, I thought, let’s do a webinar this Monday. I decided on this topic because a lot of people are looking for solutions to it, and I know how to personally deal with it.

So, I quickly set up the webinar, wrote an email to my list and pushed it on Facebook.

So again, I don’t personally plan anything. It is always two or three days before. The maximum time is five days before the webinar date.

What usually happens is I come up with something on Monday morning. I then do a webinar on Thursday or Friday and have the replays on weekends. The topic depends on what people are looking for.

I find out what the problems are and I try to find solutions for the webinar. I give a lot of value because I personally think that if I provide value in the webinar, then I don’t need to put as much effort towards the sales. I see massive conversions in the next few days.

If I do the webinar on Thursday and I don’t get any sales or just a few sales, when I start sending replays on Fridays and Saturday, I get more sales on Monday.

This is because people enjoy the training, and at the end of the presentation, the sale will be a soft sale. I don’t do hard selling.

I put a lot of value and I ask for permission to share a special offer. I then get a lot of yes’s in the chat box.

When I do webinars, I don’t sell anything for less than a hundred dollars because people in the webinars are more active.

I see a lot of people register and when they see what you are sharing, they will learn from you and would want to work with you.

When I first started, I didn’t do any webinars for two years. I’m not even consistent every single week. There were two or three weeks straight that I didn’t do any webinars.

Most of the time, I use my recorded webinars and I put them on automation. When somebody wants information about them, I will send them to the automated webinars.

I remember my first webinar was actually very funny. I always laugh at myself about it. I don’t recommend you doing the same thing, and I don’t know why I did that, but I want to share it with you.

I really wanted to do my first webinar, so I signed up for GotoWebinar. It has a 30 day free trial, so I tried it and emailed my list about me doing a webinar.

I think the first title was “Discover The Simple Steps To Making $10,000 In The Next 30 Days.” I got 60 registrations and I told one of my mentors that I never did a webinar before.

He said, “even if you get 60 registrations, maybe 15-20 people will attend.” Still, it’s a lot of people for me for my first time.

I prepared for two days and when the webinar started, I had 23-25 people watching in the webinar live. My hands were shaking and I texted my business partner.

He said that I should drink some brandy and I would be alright. So a couple of minutes before my webinar started, I drank some brandy.

I will never recommend doing what I did because I had been talking and talking for two hours and thirty minutes.

It was a big mess. I still have the recording, and when I look at the recording, I think to myself that I should never do it again this way.

I didn’t do a webinar for weeks and months. I felt very embarrassed. Later on, I started doing it again for a small group until I got used to it.

I’m okay now, but back in the day, it was very hard. So if you are an online marketer or if you are an affiliate marketer and you have something to promote, start doing webinars.

You may mess up when you are starting out but it is always better to mess up when you have a smaller audience than messing up when you have more people.

I highly recommend that if you have never done a webinar, go to and sign up for the free trial. Then do your first webinar.

I hope this answers your question, and if you have any other questions, go to Put your question there, and I will answer it in the upcoming episodes.

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