If you want to be productive all the time, completing tasks on time is a good habit to practice. 

And I’m telling you this from my years of experience as an entrepreneur 

By finishing daily tasks in a timely manner, you feel happy because you’ve accomplished great things in a day. 

And that gives you that dopamine rush that sets the mood and makes you more energized.  

With this dopamine rush, you give yourself that momentum to do even more tasks and work. 

In this state, your brain functions faster than it usually does. 

These are the times where you can accomplish tons of tasks in a short amount of time — making you even more productive. 

But the thing is, this dopamine rush is also a dangerous trap at the same time. 

Because here’s where most people are feeling complacent. 

This is the situation where many newbies in the industry are becoming careless. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to give yourself a good rest from time to time after you’ve accomplished something productive. 

But the problem here though is, a lot of people rest longer than they should. 

They will spend additional time watching Netflix, surfing the web, playing video games, drinking with friends, and other leisure activities. 

People tend to be too much comfortable when they finished loads of tasks — leaving them vulnerable to procrastination. 

When this happens, they will stay in the same routine for a long time until they realize months (in worst cases, even years) had passed since they made something productive. 

By procrastinating, you’re leaving a lot of potentials and opportunities for you to grow.  

Stop being overconfident whenever you accomplished something productive. 

Sure. You can reward yourself with a good rest from time to time because you deserve it after all. But don’t stay too long in your comfort zone.  

Instead, keep that momentum and use it to your advantage to speed up your growth. 

Push your boundaries even more and keep testing your limits. 

This momentum is the best time for you to do the dreadful yet necessary tasks for your business. 

Like I’ve said earlier, this is the state where your brain functions the fastest than it usually does, even on tasks you hate. 

Don’t like talking to people but you know you need it to close more sales? Keep talking to people. 

Are you overwhelmed with the required skills to build a successful business? Don’t stop learning. 

Always having trouble with managing your side business because you have a 9-5 job? Find a way to fit it into your schedule. 

You’ll be surprised at how many things you can accomplish (including the ones you hate) by simply keeping the momentum. 

The key here is you be consistent all the time.  

A little reward for yourself from time to time is enough. Don’t dwell on your comfort zone for too long as it will ruin your productivity. 

Things will get easier over time as long as you’re consistent with what you do.

So every time you feel that dopamine rush, don’t let it go away. 

Instead, use it to your advantage to accomplish more things and make your breakthroughs.  

Because at the end of the day, achieving your own kind of success is the ultimate reward.

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