The #1 Internet Marketing Platform & Training Resource in the World for Online Entrepreneurs, led by the CEO Venkata Konidala, has helped hundreds of people kickstart their own online business through comprehensive step-by-step training and coaching programs 

Started From Nothing but Just a Simple Idea 

Kampaigns has started from nothing but just a simple idea — to provide tools and resources to people who want to build a profitable online business. 

Over the past few years, I and my team have already helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs become successful online through our comprehensive step-by-step training and coaching programs. 

Seeing those success stories coming from both our clients and partners makes our team want to push the boundaries even further. 

That said, Kampaigns is striving to reach and deliver the same success to even more people across the globe.  

From a ‘Nobody’ to a ‘Successful Internet Marketer’


     i, my name is Venkata, founder and CEO of Kampaigns. You can also call me “Ven” like my family and friends do.

Way back years ago, I was just like most people. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. 

You see, I grew up in a family of farmers in a small village in India where you have to do backbreaking work just to put food on the table.  

And the fact that the farming business model heavily depends on unpredictable weather and fluctuating crop prices didn’t help either.  

Growing up and seeing how hard life is, my brother and I would usually talk about starting our own businesses while living in a nice house and driving fancy cars. 

Our mom will then tell us to stop wasting time dreaming high on things that are unlikely to happen. 

Instead of being hurt, those words that came from my mom’s lips became my motivation. Because I knew deep inside that I badly wanted to get myself and my family out of poverty. 

So I decided to go to college and start my journey to creating my success story. 

After graduating from college, was confident that I’m going to land a well-compensated job in a big company. 

But I was wrong. It’s far from what I had expected. 

I couldn’t find a job that could sustain our daily needs in India. 

That being said, I moved to the UK to search for better opportunities. 

There, I immediately went to find work to earn enough money to pay for my college loans and support my parents as they grew older. 

I even offered to work for free to some companies to increase my chances of landing a job.

Unfortunately, no one employed me because of my lack of communication skills (English is not my native tongue).  

But that didn’t stop me from sending applications to every job opening available. Porter, pizza man, service crew, you name it. 

It doesn’t matter if I like the job or it pays well as long as I can make a living. 

Eventually, I got hired in not just 1, but 2 full-time jobs — working 70+ hours a week in total. 

I know it’s not the most ideal lifestyle a person would want to live but for me, it was a blessing because that was the first time in my life that I felt I’m making progress. 

“At last, I can now send enough money to pay for my college loans and support my parents.”, I said. 

Using the money I was earning from my jobs, I was able to pay my debts and even fix our house. 

Finally, I’m going to achieve my goals. At least, that’s what I had thought.  

Little did I know that the worst has yet to come — I got into a bad situation where I needed to get a major surgery for my leg. 

And to make matters even worse, the news from our village flew that my father passed away in a tragic accident. 

I got devastated both mentally and emotionally with what happened that I can’t move myself to go to work — resulting in losing my jobs. 

It’s like a nightmare that I want to wake up as soon as possible. 

I was going to go crazy and broke if I could not find a source of income while laid up for the next six weeks. 

So I tried looking and searching the Internet for opportunities to work from home to make ends meet. 

That was my ONLY option. “This has to work!”, I told myself. 

For 2 years, I used up every penny I had and spent over $35,000 to buy courses and programs — anything that I can get my hands on to learn how to sell products online. 

And as you might have expected, it wasn’t a walk in the park. 

In fact, I became confused and frustrated. I thought I was doing everything right, but the ZERO results can’t lie. 

I often asked myself: “What is missing? What exactly am I doing wrong?” 

But that was until I stumbled across an advertisement online business training program (which I joined later on). 

There, I’ve learned different strategies and approaches on how to build a successful business on the Internet. On top of that, the people inside are happy to share with me how they got started. 

That’s when I knew I found exactly what I’m looking for! 

From then on, I worked hard every single day in growing and scaling my own business until it got big that I needed to outsource various tasks. 

Plus I and my team can work basically anywhere in the world as long as we have a laptop and an Internet connection.  

Looking back, living in a nice house, driving a fancy car, and having my own business, were all nothing but just a dream. But today, they are now my reality. 

And the best thing is I now have more time than ever to do the things that matter to me the most like spending time with my wife, supporting my family, and traveling all over the world. 

I want to help more people who are in the same situation as I was years ago do the same — attain their own kind of success and lifestyle.  

People who are: 

Clueless on where and how to start building a successful online business

Looking for a way to have a reliable, stable source of income

Hungry and have the drive to change their lives for a better and brighter future

Because I understand the same feeling of uncertainty and being alone in the journey. 

Building a Safe Community for Online Entrepreneurs

Throughout history, mankind has made an incredible amount of progress in society. And we can’t deny the fact that much of that can be attributed to entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs such as…  

Thomas Edison who developed many lighting and electric devices...   

Henry Ford who brought automobiles to the masses...   

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who put computers to homes… 

Along with many innovators and inventors, all of these men had contributed a lot to our high standard of living today. 

But even with all that being said, there’s one thing that sets them apart from their competition.  

One thing that allowed their ideas to reach millions of people across the globe. 

And that is their skill to bring their ideas to the marketplace through business.

Let’s face it.

You could be the next Elon Musk who has the most innovative and groundbreaking inventions that can help advance our society...

But without the ability to promote your products and services, your ideas will be left to dust or worse, never see the light of day. 

The good news is, that’s what Kampaigns is all about — to help struggling online entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

I and my team do that through our digital products, professional services, live events, and a lucrative affiliate program. 

Digital Products That Are Designed to Build a Profitable Online Business 

We take pride in the quality of our products because all our materials are created in-house and hand-picked from the best marketers around the world. 

That said, Kampaigns offers a wide range of training products in our library that are designed to build a profitable online business such as: 

Lead generation


Scaling product creation

Sales funnel creation

In-person salesmanship

Offline and online marketing


Video Marketing

And much more that you need to build your own business and ultimately create wealth on the Internet!

Top-Notch and Professional "Done-For-You" Internet Marketing Services

At Kampaigns, we understand that every business is unique in one way or another. 

While there are entrepreneurs that can handle the workload all by themselves, there are still many that find their hands full of tasks. 

In this case, our team of professional marketers is more than happy to provide their skills and services. 

We approach every project with the business’s stage in mind so we can deliver what our clients need at the exact moment. 

Be it lead generation, sales funnel creation, copywriting, product creation, website development and design, video production, ad management, or any other services to grow and scale your business online… 

Our team has the expertise to perform these tasks.

Interactive Live Events and Masterminds 

We, at Kampaigns, believe that the fastest and most effective way to learn new skills, especially in the industry of online business, is through “personal experience”. 

That’s why we hold live events and masterminds for entrepreneurs to help them get their business to the next level. 

This is where we guide our clients by the hand and remove the guesswork away from them. 

On top of the valuable personal experience, the most important thing that our clients get is the relationship by networking with fellow attendees and trainees. 

A Life-Changing Partner Program 

Kampaigns offers one of the best affiliate programs out there where our partners can promote our digital products, professional services, and live events. 

In return, we reward our partners with hefty chunks of commissions.  

Let’s just say that it’s our way of thanking our affiliates for trusting our company and our mission to help transform more people into successful online entrepreneurs. 



Live Events

Partner Program

More Than Just a Traditional Education Company 

What makes Kampaigns great is not the courses and materials we provide, but the supportive international community of like-minded entrepreneurs we’ve built over the past few years, 

A community where everyone can freely ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and be surrounded by positive people. 

And we believe that there’s no such thing that can surpass this kind of relationship we have inside.